We make the best Butter Paneer served with rice and Naan with Chilli pickles, which is flavourful vegetarian replacement for butter chicken. We also serve very delicious samosas with two kinds of chutneys (hot or sweet and sour). These are the two are best sellers. Apart from this we also serve Chick pea curry and rice, Spinach paneer with rice and naan, Butter Vegetable Curry with Rice and Naan. And lastly, we offer wonderful Pakoras with hot sauce and Aloo Tikis with mouth watering Tamarind chutney. We make every thing from scratch with love. Find us set up in New Glasgow and Westville. Call us with inquiries 902 931 0333 or email us at 

Shree Curry has the following features to offer:

  • Accessible
  • Family Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly - pure veg
  • Weddings
  • Cash, Credit and Debit
  • Small Catering (<50 guests)
  • Large Catering (>50 guests)
  • Flexible Menu
  • Pictou County/ Truro based